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SaaS Provider Business Expansion Analysis

A cloud-based SaaS provider planned to expand into international markets but needed to ensure feasibility. Tudos conducted due diligence to help the client make an informed decision, resulting in a successful expansion.

The Story

CloudBase*, a leading cloud-based SaaS provider, aimed to expand into international markets to expand its consumer base. In order to do so successfully, the firm needed to verify the feasibility and potential of this strategic move before proceeding.

For CloudBase, the value of the expansion depended on:

CloudBase enlisted Tudos to conduct a two-month due diligence process to provide the insights required for a swift and strategic decision.


Pre-expansion international revenue growth rate
0 %
International revenue growth rate two years later
0 %

Our Approach

Tudos focused on five key areas to quickly determine the economic value and strategic fit of CloudBase's international expansion.

Analysed revenue models, subscription rates and financial projections for the new markets.

Assessed the overall financial health and potential return on investment for the expansion.

Evaluated the company’s readiness to scale operations, including infrastructure and human resources.

Assessed the effectiveness of current customer support systems and their ability to handle increased demand.

Ensured compliance with international data privacy laws and software licensing regulations.

Reviewed any legal and regulatory requirements specific to the target markets.

Conducted market analysis to gauge demand, identify key competitors and explore potential partnerships in the target regions.

Evaluated CloudBase’s business model and growth strategy to ensure alignment with the new market conditions.

Reviewed the scalability and security of CloudBase’s IT systems and infrastructure.

Assessed data security measures and compliance with international cybersecurity standards.

Our Recommendations

Despite the competitive nature of the SaaS market, Tudos identified significant opportunities for CloudBase to capture market share in the target regions. We recommended proceeding with the expansion, highlighting the importance of strategic investments in customer support and localised marketing efforts to maximise impact.

The Results

Our comprehensive due diligence report enabled the client to move forward with its international expansion confidently and swiftly. Within two years, CloudBase’s international revenue rose from 26% to 63%, significantly surpassing initial projections and establishing the company as a key player in the global SaaS industry.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we have changed their names, the results are real.